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Primary Architectural Services

Professional Services that we provide as architectural and Interior Design consultants.

  • Basic Architectural Planning (very cost-effective design services for developing architectural Plans).
  • Architectural & Interior Design, Detailing and Drawings.
  • Specifications, BOQ and Tender Documents.
  • Site Supervision and Monitoring
  • Site Reports.
  • Technical Assistance with Statutory Clearances.


Analysis, Evaluation, Audit services

We also provide our Professional expertise to help you with any technical queries that you may have regarding your existing or proposed projects where you may or may not have independent consultants.

Essentially, we act as third party, independent consultants for when you need an unbiased and competent second opinion for your projects.

    • Analysis and Evaluation of Architectural Designs, Detailing and Drawing as well as documentation.
    • Project Site Audits.
    •  Project Site Reports.
    • Defect list identification.
    • Verification of Bills.


    Technical Services

    Need a Site for your new Showroom? Multiple Sites for the Brand that you want to set up? Need a standardized Design and a Brand Manual?
    We have done one or more of the above for several Telecom majors as well as one of the world's foremost Technology Companies.

    • Site Analysis, Measurements and Suitability Report.
    • Standardized Designs / Brand Manuals / Implementation Strategy.

    Just completed a project that you are proud of and would like to share it with the world? You're a great architect (or Builder, or Construction Firm. A major industrial Player, perhaps), proud of your work, and would like to have it documented well?
    We'll photograph it with an architect's vision and give you professionally processed images appropriate for the medium of presentation.

    • Architectural and Interior Photography.
    • Industrial Photography.

    Got stuck with a badly botched up project?
    We'll help you recover and complete the project.

    Consultants, Vendors, Project Management companies giving you much grief? Quoting jargon at you? Whether you are a client or a contractor, we'll help you on the Technical front.

    You're a contractor and the client wants a turnkey job from you. You don't have in house architects or the desire to engage someone permanently.
    Call us. We've completed many 
    successful projects while working directly with good contractors.