Vendors are most welcome to contact us with details of their Products and Services through email. However, to keep the information manageable and useful, we suggest you follow the following format when sending any information to us -

  1. Please mention the product in the subject line. If you have multiple products, please send multiple mails, each one corresponding to a group of related products.
  2. Please mention some keywords relating to the product (field of application / area of usage / highlight etc.) if possible in the body of the mail.
  3. References (Architects / Clients / Projects etc.) will be appreciated.

We will get back to you as soon as we see a possibility of using your products in any of our projects.


Contractors are also welcome to contact us. We need the following information to consider you for any projects -

  1. Details of projects executed along with references (Clients / Architects).
  2. Detailed information for at least 4 projects executed by you. Two projects must be at least 2 years old and two should be current projects.
  3. Your complete contact details - phone numbers/email id/office address etc.
  4. Photographs of your projects and Testimonials from clients / architects would be appreciated.

Please ensure that these details are provided in your mail. Also, please do not ask us on a weekly basis if we have a project for you. If there is a suitable project and if we find your profile suitable, we will definitely contact you.



Please note, our one and only expectation from Contractors and Vendors is Professionalism and Competence and the ability to deliver a good job on time.  If you understand this clearly, we should be able to work together.

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